A-Z tag 😉

Yaaay..New challenge!!

Thank you so very much letters that matter for this new challenge. This is one of the best blogs I’ve read honestly. And sorry for the delay

Anyways here we go:

A: Abnormal (not literally)

B: Bubbly

C: CareFree

D: Dangerous

E: Energetic

F: Friendly

G: Gorgeous

H: Hogger (a person who eats a lot)

I: Idiotic

J: Jovial

K: Keen

L: Loyal

M: Modest

N: Neglective

O: Obnoxious

P: Playful

Q: Quick-witted

R: Restless

S: Strange

T: Transparent

U: Unique

V: Violent (crazy is all I mean)

W: Wierd

X: Xenodochial (friendly to strangers)

Y: Young

Z: Zealful

So now my turn to suggest..so here goes:






So there we go…that’s me in A-Z order 😂😂. Hope you have fun reading this. I really enjoyed this tag.


Him and her

She had too much guts

He never had any.

She was very talented

All he knew was being quiet.

She read his silence

He couldn’t read her at all

She was there for everyone

He only kept to himself

she was loved by all

He was hardly even noticed

YET he loved her

And she reciprocated

Their world was unique

There’s no place for others



When we are born,

We don’t know anyone

As we move ahead with time

We learn a lot,

We see a lot

We meet a lot of people


Thinking of life as a journey

I started my journey

Every person we meet

Crosses our path for a reason


In this journey of mine

I met you


When I met you first

I did not know

You have such an

important role in my life


For my life to go ahead.

You are a reason too now


Ps: This is not my work. It belongs to a talented friend of mine named Benonin Johnson. This is originally a malayalam poetry written by him. All I did was translate it for him.

This is my tribute to him as a friend (and a reader of his poetries…well I read a few of them). I am not gonna take credits for his poem but translation credit is all mine 😂😂

This is a Benonin-Karthika collaboration 😉😉.

How I wish



How I wish I was right next to you

When I sleep tight at night

With your warm hands

Holding me close to you


How I wish to see you first

As I wake up in the morning

To the rays of sun that hit my face

Your figure covering me from it


How I wish I could tell you

How much I wanna be your girl

The way you pull me close to you

When you wanna stroke my hair


I know how badly you hate it

When my face is hung low

And how you lift it up

To wipe off the tears.


Fear of losing you

Being my scariest nightmare

Thoughts of you fill my mind

When left alone in a crowd


How I wish I could tell you

How far apart we are

And yet how I think about you

Always as my guy


How I wish I could be near you

When you need me

Always by your side

I’ll be there for you ALWAYS.




Ps: I strictly do not believe in Valentine’s day! !

Ajnabi haseena

“ek ajnabi haseena se

yun mulakat ho gayi..” he murmurs.


“dude you really believe in this “ajnabi haseena” clichès??” she asked.

“NO…I just like the song” he responds lying on the lap of the haseena who was once an “ajnabi” in his life. 

Did you know?

Did you know? 

Did you know you are mine?

The rain gave me 

such a beauty as you. 

I enjoy you 

As much as I do the rain

Your breath on me 

Feels like drops of rain

Embracing a dry land. 

You on me and me on you 

dreams filling with you

When you are far

I miss you and

When you are near

I don’t wanna let go.


Patronus!! ;)

“Your thoughts are patronuses.. so make sure you use it against the  dementors” 

I guess most of you Harry Potter fans must have understood what I meant. For those who haven’t read it…. I ain’t gonna be a spoiler. Make sure you read it some day if you haven’t yet 🙂 .

Anyways what I mean is that we can use our mind in 2 ways…i.e. to get what we want and to get what we don’t want. Here patronuses refer to positive thoughts while dementors refer to negative thoughts. All of us have the potential to be what we want to be in life….sometimes all it takes is a few minutes. I have personal experience of what I wanted coming true. Lemme tell you how.

It was the day of my computer science practical exams and me bein a “last minute” person hadn’t studied a word. I just was sitting in my place not knowing WTF to do. I was almost so sure that I’ll fail…but just then I remembered the blue coloured book my parents brought me on my birthday and (I was pretty sure as usual it wouldn’t work) but decided to give it a try. I even told myself I’ll throw it in the dustbin if it didn’t work. All that I did was tell my friends that I’m gonna get a particular question and I sat and studied only that one question. Of course I was encountered by my own negative thoughts to at least read through the other questions but something behind my brain prevented me from even looking at the other questions. Anyways it was time for our exam to commence and we were asked to form a line based on our names in alphabetical order. As I entered the lab, I was asked to pick up an answer sheet inside which I’d find my destiny I mean my question. I was gonna pick a paper when the guy after me in roll number picks it and goes. I am just left there wid 1 paper after which they’d refill the sets. I open it and I am pretty sure you must have guessed…I got the question I learnt. I started jumping in happiness and got the whole class plus the teachers staring at me. And that’s how I Passed that exam wid pretty good marks (dun remember how much I got).
The following words were shot at me during the course:
1) are you out of your  mind?… dude you better study everything else …
2) what if you won’t pass bro??…at least read naa
3) did you like bribe the invigilator or something??… I will get this question only it seems

Despite all these negative things I heard I did what I always do…ignore everyone. This time I was soo glad I did.

No regrets. No worries

“B” positive always even if your blood says “O” or “A” or “AB” positive.

Yours forever