Everybody has insecurities! I never came across a single soul who has never had an insecurity. It's a part and parcel of human life albeit the methods used to face this is different. There are a few who 'put-up' with their inferiorities and choose to lead a life as though, they never had any insecure … Continue reading Insecure….! 


Journey of my Life….

Sorry about the length of this article but its been millenia since I wrote something. I have been contemplating with the idea of this post but today (13.12.2017), its completely instinctual. I had been feeling guilty about publishing my old poems just to keep the site alive but now I want to get back to … Continue reading Journey of my Life….


When egos clash When the blame game is on The world becomes a  warzone of arguments. Desi Chinky



The last time I saw her She was a little girl.  The one who would always Walk around with doll in hand A short and chubby one With curly hair, not so long A cheerful merry soul she was With childhood innocence intact I met her again All grown up and big Yet she brings … Continue reading Letter 


Friends forever

When I think of loveThey come in mind these days.When I think of foooodSharing with them in my mind.With them I shareMy food,dreamslove and lameness.Love here is foreverWhether near or far.How do I describe “them” now..?Kabhi chup toh kabhi boldAlways sweet and always positiveThat’s our tall girl…Thodi senti toh thodi mentalAnytime free for those aloneThat’s … Continue reading Friends forever


A promise

To my future husband, I hereby make this promise I’m going to be your someone special, whom you would never want to lose in your life. I’m going to be that someone special, Who's going to be the reason you smile I’m going to be that someone special, Who's going to be by you when … Continue reading A promise



These days (mostly found in India) is a new disease called ZONE ing. It has already affected a large population of teenagers and a few growing adults. It is gaining popularity through memes, jokes etc to name a few. There are different types of zones:  BRO-ZONE: It is a state where a boy is called … Continue reading *zoned*