Will I ever know you…?

I dunno you
You dunno me though you pretend to…
You appear to love me but behind me I dunno you…
You are addicted to something but you dunno if it is for you…
You know your world but you dunno what’s beyond it….
You give priority to someone but do you know if they prioritise you..?
You die for someone but will they die for you..?
I love you but do you realise my love..?
Once if the reality comes face to face….will your mind and body be ready to accept it…?
Will you accept the reality or will you choose to run away from it…?
Should I wait till your day of realisation or will you love me before that..?
Will our love ever get the replies to these questions or will they remain unanswered foreva…?
Wish you realise yourself as soon as you can before it destroys you foreva…
In order to fit in , you are bein blunt and hurt a lot of people on your way but remember this :
You are perfect the way you are..
You are made for me not anyone else…
You are meant to be mine…I realised this….when will you?
I LOVE YOU howeva you are…. 😘😘
*Main tenu samjhawan ki
Naa tere bina lagda jee*
(Let me make you understand,
I can’t live widout you)

Yours only…

Ps: I am not a poet (and trust me) I won’t even claim to be one. This was a very momentary artwork (as called by me 😂😂) of mine. I don’t even think its worth reading tbh but thot I shud juss let it go… Also i borrowed the lines of my all-time favourite song.


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