What am I without you…?

“Pure friendship is just like water. No colour, no taste but very essential for life

What would I have done without you bae…?
You made me the way I am..
Days and nights and nights and days we fight to stay alive..
You are the reason I move ahead. If not fr you…what would I do…?
Everytime I’m low…you make me feel better by just leaving me to be me.
It hurts a bit but eventually “I’m back“.
Everytime I fall down..though you laugh.. you help me get back to being me.
I never felt so high in my life…without you what would I have been..?
You definately know me more than myself…
I can’t stand myself but you can…this is what I have earned as being your friend.
Loyal you are and always has my back for whateva I think I’m gonna do in life.
When we fight we fight fr food and never let each other know what’s in our mind fr the other…
Haters hate but we sure know whom we hate..
Burn we do..sometimes together the others and sometimes each other….
Every bff post in my life relates to you these days..
My life comes to a stop when you are not around me…
I wish we stay this way foreva… Cz without you I am nothing.

Always call a person “ur bestie” only if they feel the same for you as well….

Yours foreva

Ps: This is again another “momentary artwork” of mine. Thank you Smruti Bodhi fr bein a support 😍😍😘😘. Your comment just made my day.
This I dedicate to my dearest and darling 😘😘😘 (If I take her name…she mite just know my heart and thoughts). She is like my everything these days. I really feel sorry I realised our relation at a turning point and wierdly at a party. Thanks mona. I promise you that I’ll try my level best to keep it this way. If you do find out…please don’t kill me 😂😂. Jus know that I Love The Way You Love Me. I know you are gonna flip whn u read this one (if you eva read😂😂)


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