Waitin for fun ☺☺

I hope you guys are enjoying your day :):).

I really love accepting challenges.Even if its scary I try my level best to achieve it. Its not everyday one comes into our lives but once you encounter one, you learn a great deal from it.

So I decided that I’m gonna take up a lot of challenge to keep myself active in the best place on Earth i.e WORDPRESS. For time being, I am in search of good ones.

If you have any great suggestions, I’d love to hear from you all. You could just leave a comment below.

I’m waiting 😁😁

Also this is my 10th blog post (8 public + 2 private). Private ones are too uncensored so can’t exactly be published 😂😂.
WoW… I have 10 posts in 5 months. Honestly never thought I had the potential for it.
I just started off as a lil girl who wanted to express her feelings. I totally didn’t evn expect a like for it (esp since my 2nd blog (I feel) was a total disaster) but ironically that is the post for which I got most likes (I guess so 😂). But I’m now soo addicted to reading all your blogs that I don’t even feel like studying 😂😂.
Also tomorrow I’m gonna do my first stage speaking so wish me luck :).

I love all you *awesome* bloggers out there and keep setting your “level of joblessness” rather high by reading my lame posts 😂😂.

Btw my new aim is to have all your notifications filled with my name 😂😂.



sorry abt the screenshot form 😝😝

Yours forever
KG 😉


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