Life wid a smile 😃


This is basically the idea of journey speaks. You should totally check out her blogs for fashion and more. I totally love her blogs though I’m not much into fashion and this collaboration is much too special for me. It’s my first collaboration.

Now it’s the Christmas season and everyone is soo happy and cheerful. Also since new year is coming up I’m sure many of them would be up to making new resolutions and trying to stick onto it. So here’s a small note you could keep in mind when you are starting this year.

“During every sad phase in life, there is a happy phase…ALWAYS”

We always get upset with things when it does not work out the way we want it to. We tend to become low and feel that we are NOT worth being happy. Sometimes, we even feel that our life’s a waste and it ain’t worth living. My day’s quote is meant for those who have gone thru this thought process at least once in their lifetime.

But have you ever noticed…every time you are sad, there comes this one thing or the other that brings a small cute smile on your teary face..?? I just recently happened to notice this peculiar thing. Whether you noticed it or not, it happens to YOU also. (yes darling! YOU the one who is reading this)

Just recently when I was crying about how bad thing are going in my life, a few things brought the  “cute smile on my teary face”.

1) My friend Anna gave me my fav candy to cheer me up ( I gave it to her the other day 😜)
2) I recieved a class award for being the most “highly reactive” person in class 😝.
3) I did well in taking a class on The Invisible Man.
4) I predicted my friend’s character (’s a game on whatsapp) and hence brought a smile on her face (hopefully 😄😄).
5) The most unlikely teacher to praise me just did it in the middle of the corridor in front of my bestie for my first public speaking 😄😄.

Initially, I refused to notice these, as I were busy lamenting over what went wrong but then realised that life must move on… Also lemme tell you


Soo keep listening to music that brings you happiness… Never be sad …ever.

Keep smiling forever.. ☺☺

And don’t forget to check out Journey’s blog 😉😉.

– KG


20 thoughts on “Life wid a smile 😃

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