When we are born,

We don’t know anyone

As we move ahead with time

We learn a lot,

We see a lot

We meet a lot of people


Thinking of life as a journey

I started my journey

Every person we meet

Crosses our path for a reason


In this journey of mine

I met you


When I met you first

I did not know

You have such an

important role in my life


For my life to go ahead.

You are a reason too now


Ps: This is not my work. It belongs to a talented friend of mine named Benonin Johnson. This is originally a malayalam poetry written by him. All I did was translate it for him.

This is my tribute to him as a friend (and a reader of his poetries…well I read a few of them). I am not gonna take credits for his poem but translation credit is all mine 😂😂

This is a Benonin-Karthika collaboration 😉😉.


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