A-Z tag πŸ˜‰

Yaaay..New challenge!!

Thank you so very much letters that matterΒ for this new challenge. This is one of the best blogs I’ve read honestly. And sorry for the delay

Anyways here we go:

A: Abnormal (not literally)

B: Bubbly

C: CareFree

D: Dangerous

E: Energetic

F: Friendly

G: Gorgeous

H: Hogger (a person who eats a lot)

I: Idiotic

J: Jovial

K: Keen

L: Loyal

M: Modest

N: Neglective

O: Obnoxious

P: Playful

Q: Quick-witted

R: Restless

S: Strange

T: Transparent

U: Unique

V: Violent (crazy is all I mean)

W: Wierd

X: Xenodochial (friendly to strangers)

Y: Young

Z: Zealful

So now my turn to suggest..so here goes:






So there we go…that’s me in A-Z order πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Hope you have fun reading this. I really enjoyed this tag.



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