My own Quote #1


“If you do what they do, what is the difference between you and them? You are who you want to be not what others want you to be.” – KG

I don’t really know if its a quote but to me it is one.

I always believe that I’m a very rare piece like wht you call “one in a million” type and I always loved being so (proud in fact).
The above Quote leads me ahead when I feel like doing what they did to me just to make them feel whatever I felt but then I remember this quote and say “chuck it!”.Its one of my basic life principle and it shall remain soo.
I really dislike it when people try to fake themselves in order to “just fit in“. Its soo pathetically irritating to see people being soo desperate to belong. They are ready to do anything to just belong. To them I ask this, have you eva thought this way… “What if I took this much efforts to NOT be what others already are??”.
One reason I admire one of my friends is that when someone asks her “hey! Are you mad?” She’ll reply “NO! I’m Lavita”. Now most people (including me initially) in my class found this lame. It maybe to some, the ones who don’t think like I do. But I of course don’t want anybody to think like me cz I’m thr to think and be like myself. My mom always hates me for thinking this way saying “you’ll learn from life that all this is practically impossible”. Now I am sure I’ll find atleast one person who agrees to my mom.
So my advice (who am I to give one?… but I couldn’t find another word….Sorry!!) to such people are:

Why think like somebody else when you can think like yourself??

So please be yourself and never try to “fit in” cz you aren’t meant to be what others want you to be. You decide the way you live not others.

When I say all this atleast one person will think that I’m a “gone case“. I’d actually agree with them….This is what makes me ME (if you get what I mean). To some people what I just said might sound like a myth cz they are soo used to bein the “tryin to belong” type that they can’t evn come out of it.


– KG

Ps: Thank you Aanchal for helping me with the picture. I really need to learn this from you.

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