One Day

One day I get up,
Walk through the roads
Seeing the filth, the waste
Humanity, erode.
Now, you may say that it’s fine.
It’s been like that, since the start of time.

Well, I don’t care.

Most of you will be gone before it comes,
Even me, my gen, we’ll only see the stump,
Of the tree of destruction, we’ve grown ourselves.

The rage of the tree, we’ve killed it’s family!
Wiped out every bit, sold, profit, and you’re done.
I tell you friends, it’s not far off, the day in which we’re done.

This tree, it was kind, it was nice. Gave us everything from shade to spice.
And what did we do?
We killed it. Ripped out its roots, after all, it’s a tree, what else can you do?

Mint your money, flats and paths
And do not complain when nature takes its path.



Ps: This is yet another collaboration I am doing with my classmate and really good friend Amithraj (amith).

Realisation strikes quite late that I have talented classmates and friends :/


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