She met him first online

probably she initiated the conversation

It’s in her nature to do so

She enjoyed his company

She didnt know or care if he did

But things changed eventually 

When she had an infatuation for him

Initially she shook those thoughts away

But eventually told him about it

He was pretty cool and said NO

But she never felt sad

She knew she would never end 

up being “his girl”

But things change for the worse 

When he shares his deepest 

secrets, fears and life with her

She was completely broken as 

she knew she couldn’t help him 

since it was out of her hands and

 it breaks her to see him like this

Faking smiles and pushing days

All she hopes is for his happiness

His happiness…her happiness

Wish he was happy once again 

Enjoying every second he is given

Wishing him a happy life 

A happy future with whom he loves

But promise me…she wanted to tell him

He would remain her friend forever. 

Even when people come and go 

She’d be there for him anytime he wanted her

He was free to discuss any topic under the sun with her

She will care for him every second of her life even if he doesn’t

She will always remain his friend forever

Desi Chinky


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