Wierd feeling πŸ˜…

I remember that day,

When we first found

Solace in one another

There, in that random room

I knew it marked the beginning

Of something new …

A new life, a new story

Which I never thought would be mine

Such was the way of my life.

You came upon me as love and pain

Both intertwined in a devilish combination.

You made me fall head over heel

I remember that day

When our lips first met,

The feel is addictive, I tell you

You’ll never wanna part with it.

With your hands on my curves

I felt a new vibe, an unfamiliar calm

Those moments when you were

Waiting patiently for my permission

To discover every inch of my skin

With your bare and warm palm,

I could feel something

A flow without destination,

Is it the adrenaline rush or

Was it called blushing

Either ways I knew it was

Not forever..neither the feeling

Nor the memory of it.

When I leave you forever

What will I do with these feelings …

Those moments I had with you

How do I get rid of it …

Hard tasks and heart-breaking moments

Both for you and me

Had you been serious…

What would I do if the dreaded

Day of parting ways arrive

Will it be a good-riddance or

Will it be a β€œI love you forever” …

A happily ever after or

A tragic love saga

Either ways I know one thing

β€œYou are meant to be my love”

Yours forever

Desi Chinky


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