I think my life is on a loop

Only difference is the person keeps varying to situations.

I am being a prey to my life. Going all out of control.

I neither control my surroundings nor my feelings nor actions.

Everything keeps flowing on their will.
Before it was a random stranger but this time its a best friend.

All I can say is that:

If I ever hurt you, it is my situations forcing me.
I’d rather be a coward and lose you than be hurt and keep you. Can’t afford to pretend happy anymore.

I hope you will forgive me in this because I HATE losing you.

I want you to help me overcome this situation by accepting it. And you should not hate me because I am forced to do this.

I want you to do well in your present endeover (forget me till its over) and make me proud of being your friend (though I don’t deserve to be called so)

Yours forever

Desi Chinky


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