These days (mostly found in India) is a new disease called ZONE ing. It has already affected a large population of teenagers and a few growing adults. It is gaining popularity through memes, jokes etc to name a few.

There are different types of zones: 

  • BRO-ZONE: It is a state where a boy is called bro, bhai etc. A zone many boys (especially ones with crushes) fear being into. It is not a happy thing to be in this zone for 99.99% boys (but girls find happiness in that). Girls do this when they want the intended person to not have any sort of crush or feelings for them in advance. The intention is to show that the victim can (or should) care for the one that zoned them like a brother. (Derivative: SIS-ZONE)

Source: google images. Thank you google πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • FRIEND-ZONE:  It is a state where a boy is called a friend (and not more not less) by a girl (vice versa is also common). This is also a common fear for boys (also girls) when they have feelings for the other person. This is done when the person intends nothing more than pure friendship from the one that zoned them. And few people zone the other in this despite knowing that the other person feels for them. This too is not a happy state. (Derivative: none)

  • CONFUSED-ZONE: It is the state where a girl tells a boy “I want a boyfriend like you but not you” or “your future wife will be quite lucky to have you as her husband”. This is the worst state any boy can be stuck in (as the name suggests) you are utterly confused if that person has feelings for (or can reciprocate to) you. Almost all the boys I can recollect talking to has been through this state atleast once in their lifetime. (Derivative: none)

There are several more like daughter-zone, girlfriend-zoned to name a few (mostly used according to circumstances). Few people find this game of zoning very entertaining (especially friend-zoned) but mostly it is done due to pre kept notions (more like a before hand judgement). Later, it gets harder to change that notion so they remain zoned forever. 

To accept facts, I fall into a few of these zones and also have put people into these zone. It is highly depressing to be in a zone (ask experienced people for more on that). I have come across people suffering from being zoned by people they highly care about. I can’t really blame the ones zoning always because some creeps (who message unwanted crap) deserve it (but remember not all of them are creeps  πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘). 

The reason I took this topic to write my latest post is that….I really found these topic very intriguing. Caught my eyes a few times these days as I scroll through instagram or facebook are such memes (Also since it is becoming a common issue).

A piece of advice: 

If you have been (or are currently zoned)… show the other person how much you can care for them despite being in the zone and make them realise that you can show this love ten-fold if you are out of this zone. But if they zone you despite knowing how much you care….please do ignore them (They are toxic to your well-being…trust me on this). 

If you are the ones zoning (or planning to zone someone) just remember that karma is watching. You will find yourself zoned eventually someday (just like how you zoned them). Well….Don’t we all have a dream boy (or girl)…what if yours is already zoned by you?? Just give them a chance prove their feeling (trust me…you won’t regret it). And never ignore someone who loves you dearly that you have zoned (personal experienceπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰)

Yours forever

Desi Chinky

PS:  To all those whom I have ever zoned—–I am sorry about what I did. It was my circumstances that forced me to (my notions actually). And to all those who zoned me out—–I totally understand your circumstances especially since I have been on your side too. 

I have no hard feelings for any of you guys and please be free to talk it out with me 😊😊


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