Friends forever

When I think of love
They come in mind these days.
When I think of fooood
Sharing with them in my mind.
With them I share
My food,dreams
love and lameness.
Love here is forever
Whether near or far.
How do I describe “them” now..?
Kabhi chup toh kabhi bold
Always sweet and always positive
That’s our tall girl…
Thodi senti toh thodi mental
Anytime free for those alone
That’s our big girl…
Always padai and kabhi ladai
Kabhi burns toh kabhi silence
That’s our padaku girl…
Crazy born, mood shifter
Always masti, always childish
That’s our little girl…
Being wid them gives me
“best of all worlds”
When I’m wid them
I love myself
When not with them
I miss them
Love brings us to each other
We the best of friends forever…

Yours forever..
Desi Chinky

ps:  this is a b’day gift from me to my best friend. I took quite some time to build this one up (not so easy to describe these ppl in a few words). 

Kabhi means sometimes 😉


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