Maybe I have finally learnt To forgive and forget, People, things and places, They were once a part of me. Maybe I have finally learnt To let go of life's negatives, Past that used to hurt, They were once a part of me. Maybe I have finally learnt, To judge people not for looks, How … Continue reading Learnt…



Everybody has insecurities! I never came across a single soul who has never had an insecurity. It's a part and parcel of human life albeit the methods used to face this is different. There are a few who 'put-up' with their inferiorities and choose to lead a life as though, they never had any insecure … Continue reading Insecure….! 

Friends forever

When I think of loveThey come in mind these days.When I think of foooodSharing with them in my mind.With them I shareMy food,dreamslove and lameness.Love here is foreverWhether near or far.How do I describe “them” now..?Kabhi chup toh kabhi boldAlways sweet and always positiveThat’s our tall girl…Thodi senti toh thodi mentalAnytime free for those aloneThat’s … Continue reading Friends forever